Apocalypse Engineering Company LLP

  • Established 2013
  • Objective: To provide a Touch & Feel Experience for Automation Technologies to various Industry verticals.
  • Benefits:
  1. Save Time: Customers Engineering Department does not have to develop a system, they can simply demand a list of features and the AEC LLP team provides a Proof Of Concept at its Experience Center in Ahmedabad. Thereby the Customer Saves Money.
  2. Make Time: AEC LLP’s experienced Engineering Team, studies the customers requirement and integrates the best technologies available in the market for a tailor made solution. Ensuring economy. Thereby the Customer through increased ROI, Makes Money.
  3. R&D: The AEC LLP Engineering team spends time and money in researching as well as developing various technologies;


A Sea Port in India was looking out for a Solution to enhance Safety of its Crane operations.

The Crane Operators would traditionally leave their seats for coffee breaks without shutting down the engine.

This led to expensive and Life Threatening Accidents when helpers would by mistake shift a gear.

AEC LLP developed a Wireless, Battery less Seat Switch and an wireless electrical relay. The Relay was connected to the Ignition of the Engine. As long as the Crane Operator was seated on his chair, the Ignition would remain on, as soon as he would get off the chair, the Ignition would shut off with a timed delay of 2 minutes. As the Seat Switch was Wireless and Battery less, the complete installation took around 15 minutes only and Cost Rs.: 20000.00

The competitive method of mitigation was to use a RFID swipe card as well as RFID reader connected to the ignition: The system required careful insertion of the card in the reader socket and removal of card by the Crane Operator to shut the ignition.

The system required that the crane operator removed the card on the basis that the card would be required to open the crane door with the card. Therefore : 2 Readers, 1 Ignition Relay, 1 EM Door Lock and 1 RFID card , 1 UPS Backup for the Readers was required: COST: 65000.00.

Not only did the AEC LLP Engineering Team reduce cost, it also reduced the complexity of the system as well as in the long run benefits were achieved in terms of reduced maintenance. It was also beneficial to the Customer as AEC’s Technology was Green: It did not require any power source / battery.

4.  Business Verticals:

  • Consulting
  • R&D
  • Process Mapping
  • System Architecture & Design
  • Systems Integration
  • Project Management
  • City Data Management Systems Development (KPI’s and Indicators)

5.  Areas Of Expertise

  • Smart City Planning, Financing & Technology Deployment
  • Industrial Security: Technology and Human Resource Planning, Deployment and Operations.
  • Industrial Automation: Deployment