• We Are An Automation vertical B2B facilitator

    • The need for ‘Automation’ in urban, industrial and agrarian communities is growing at a rapid pace.

      Automation OEM’s produce highly technical components. Customers (End Users) are therefore dependent on “Solution Architects” to define “Best Fit” components of a solution.

      In today’s competitive market, Solution Architects are often confronted with demands for alternative economical solutions and very often a demand to utilize customer preferred brands to build solutions, while at the same time ensure customer satisfaction beyond the stated scope of works.

      The Solution Architects teams in a bid to maintain its top line yet remain competitive as well as satisfy the customer, ends up in a very tight corner. Qualified, trusted OEM’s are sacrificed in this situation.

      OEM’s & Solution Architects therefore require a method to demonstrate product efficiencies within a structured solution to the end client.

      To conduct a “Proof Of Concept” at a customer’s site is expensive and very often inconclusive.

      The POC Company LLP, provides a “win win” solution for all stake holders.

      A 10000 sq.ft “Experience Centre” to simulate automation technologies within multiple thematic environments, a “Proof Of Concept”, ensuring the customer is:

      1) Informed

      2) Educated

      3) Assured

      4) Decisive

      5) Benefited (lower TCO)

      Objectives of the Experience Centre:

      1) Integrate components of best of breed technology developers (OEM’s) and demonstrate them in day to day simulated conditions.

      2) Provide a world class facility which shall demonstrate intricate automation applications to End Customers on behalf of OEM’s, System Integrators, EPC & MEP Consultants.

      3) Provide a test-bed & certification platform for various OEM’s to integrate their products within predefined system architectures and business processes of various industries, enabling Gap Assessments”, Refine Processes, visualize potential business opportunities, apply risk free Kaizen concepts prior to field testing.

      5) Facilitate Training, Certification and Placement of Automation Engineers with SI’s, EPC’s, Consultants & End Customers (Industry).

      6) Define the future of automation for Residential, Commercial and Industrial markets Across India.

      Our Guiding Principles

      OEM Perspective: “Make Time”.

      Experience Centre Users (Solution Architects: SI’s, EPC’s, Consultants): “Save Time”.

      Industry (End Customer) Perspective: “Save Money”.

      Common Denominator: “Make Money”.

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